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Inserting Images

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

This article explains how to put images on your website.

A few important notes to keep in mind:

  • Images should be sized and optimized appropriately for web use. Loading large images can cause slow page loads.
  • You only have access to static images in the main content. Adding, removing or replacing images found in photo galleries, slide players or modules must be done by a PPL administrator.

Follow these steps:

1. Login to your website. Add or edit an item to open the content editor.

2. Insert an image.

  • (A) Place cursor at the position you would like to insert the image.
  • (B) Click the Picture icon.

3. Upload image [part 1].

  • (C) Select the appropriate folder to store your image.
  • (D) Above the details window on the right, click the Upload icon. This will allow you to browse your computer for the image to upload.


4. Upload image [part 2].

  • (A) Click Browse and select the image file from your computer. Click Upload.
  • (B) Once a green check mark is visible in the right next to the image file name, you have successfully uploaded your image. Click Close.
  • (C) You will see your image in the details box after upload is successful.
  • (D) Image adjustment options. i.e. dimensions, alignment, margins, etc.
  • (E) Choose Update to insert image.



5. When finished with your article item, remember to click Save.

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