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Brand Essence

Saturday, April 13, 2013

You'll be using this article to identify three words that help define your organizations brand essence. 

The Brand Essence purpose is to develop three core words that serve the greatest breadth to allow teams freedom and mobility when articulating the brand to others. Use each quandrant to place your appropriate words. Once completed, pull the 3 words that have the most meaning into the center. This becomes your core brand essence.



Now it's time to screen your 3 words. 

Brand Essence Screener

1. Does the words apply to all your sub-brands as well as your master brand?

2. Are the words relevant and motivating to the customer/consumer now and in the future?

3. Are the words nouns which describe what the brands stands for, rather than verbs which describe what it does or adjectives which describe what it is like?

4. Are the words linked (if they don’t express a single idea) and does the ‘whole’ of their meaning feel greater than the sum of the parts?

5. Do the words touch something deep and/or resonant?

6. Do the words act as a kind of connective tissue between the physical and emotional aspects of the brand?

7. Do the Core words go beyond the self-evident physical attributes of a brand? e.g. Consumers have a deeper feelings about Coke than the fact that it comes in a red and white can, but its color feeds through, along with other attributes to the sense of “Power” at the heart of the brand.

8. Does the Core contain the greatest breadth and depth of meaning in the smallest number of words?

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