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SSL Certificates - We Recommend all Websites Have One

SSL Certificates - We Recommend all Websites Have One

Monday, October 07, 2019
Published in Websites

SSL Certificates are now mandatory for all websites. Read more.

SSL Certificates

  • No certificate, Google now shows a warning page prior to arriving at your website.
  • Visitors may now avoid legitimate websites if a warning page shows before arriving at your website.
  • Google gives preference on their search page for websites that include an SSL Certificate.

Recently we have seen Google show a warning page for sites that do not have a SSL Certificate. This is very concerning considering users may avoid your website when seeing the warning message. SSL Certificates are used to "secure" communications when entering information for a website. Perhaps a visitor is submitting sensitive information. Information when submitted will be encrypted with the use of a SSL certificate. You can determine if a website uses an SSL Certificate by the https used in the URL or address bar. Most browsers will display a green “lock” icon. Recently Google has been rewarding websites with a higher search position if websites use a SSL Certificate. We do recommend these certificates for all websites, especially those that ask for sensitive user information.


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