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How To Identify Guest Post Spam

How To Identify Guest Post Spam

Monday, June 05, 2017
Published in Websites

Recently we've seen an increase in unsolicited emails asking website owners if they will permit a guest blog posting on their website. This is SPAM. Avoid contacting these individuals as their purpose is not beneficial to you the website owner. Have a look at our blog as to why these emails are being sent and what you can do about it.

What does a guest blog SPAM look like?

These solitications will generally come from your website. They usually are generated from the Contact Us or similar page. The below image is an acutal email coming from a website.

 Guest Post Spam

How does it work?

The important element here is that these are requests are not coming from a user on your website who is filling out each of the questions or email fields. These individals who SPAM are using software. The software will automatically troll the internet looking for websites with specific URLS. A URL is something like The sofware knows to look at these URLs and when it finds them it will automatically populate the specific field names with the information that it is programmed to do so.

Why do they do it?

Here's the purpose of those unwanted requests, the guest blogger will incorporate links to their website or other websites to build on the total number of incoming links to these websites. The more incoming links the better. Google search rankings are partially influenced by the number of incoming links.

Next steps

Our PowerPro Live strategy for these unwanted Guest Blogging SPAM requests is to disregard. Our remedy is to change the normal URL for Contact Us or other pages to something not so obvious. This will help prevent the SPAM software from hitting the page in the first place.

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