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7 Reasons Why "Do-It-Yourself" Websites May Not Be Right For You

7 Reasons Why "Do-It-Yourself" Websites May Not Be Right For You

Tuesday, September 01, 2015
Published in Websites

Many business owners are focused on creating efficiencies. Websites are no exception. Recently, DIY or "Do-It-Yourself" websites have grown in popularity. Why? They are simple to set up and make changes to content. Combined with a small monthly cost to start, one might think that you'll be saving time and money. Read on to learn why Do-It-Yourself websites can negatively affect your business or organization.

1. Quality Takes Time

Websites are just part of the overall marketing platform for a business or organization. Regardless of what Do-It-Yourself website service you use, you can be guaranteed that you'll spend more time than you think putting something together that has meaning in the marketplace. 

2. DIY Websites Look Generic

Not only is there a lot of work that goes into building a website, there's a lot of work to build a site that is consistent with your communications platform. A site that complements all marketing activities. A site that positions your company, organization or brand in a professional tone. Having control of all items is important and that is not always the case on a DIY website. 

Writing content is important. Providing photography or video or other assets will speak volumes to your audience. Every visitor is a potential opportunity and putting your best foot forward is of prime importance.

3. Bugs. Bugs. And More Bugs

There are many details that go into building and growing a website correctly. Even professionally designed and maintained websites can have bugs that need fixing. Just think of software updates and upgrades. So many things can and do go wrong. Once an issue is found, ask yourself, "Who can I depend on to fix it?" Will you have enough experience to find the problem and fix it quickly?

4. DIY Websites Load Slowly

If you are considering a DIY website, remember you are sharing space with potentially thousands of other websites on the same web server. So many requests, so many websites. You guessed it, overload and everything goes slowly. Backend and Frontend speeds are compromised.

Let's not forget that each element on the page needs to be optimized for quick loading. That product photo or team group shot can be too high-res for a quality user experience. Oh yeah, Google search listings use page loading speeds for higher Google search placements. Slow loading times equal lower search listings.

5. Growth Is Good

DIY website services provide base packages with few extras. Next time you need a bit more advanced functionality, better make sure you're aware of the up-charge to add it to your website. Sure some of these costs are justified and some are just plain rip-offs, so be careful before jumping in with both feet.

6. SEO Is Vital

A DIY website doesn't allow for ultimate source code customization. Search engine optimization on DIY websites is limited. The conventional thinking is if somone selects a DIY website then they really are in over their head for SEO customization. It's a trade off for ease, convenience vs. full features and functions.

7. Web Experts Offer More Value

Sometimes making a choice to save a little bit of money can work against you. A web expert that designs, develops and ultimately supports your website is of great value when you need to run your business versus having to troubeshoot a styling or function issue. 


With the many things that equal online and website success, a website is just part of the overall puzzle. SEO or pay for click ads, directories, reputation management. Everything should be integrated for success.

DIY websites can be a cost saving solution. For most our recommendation is that you'll soon realize that a professional can help you achieve your goals with an affordable budget that provides a win-win for client and web professional.

Have more questions about DIY websites, contact us today.

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