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7 Step Lead Generation Plan That Works - Infographic

Monday, December 01, 2014
Published in Websites

Creating leads is key to driving sales and encouraging audience participation. Check out our 7 Step Lead Generation Plan that works.

Step #1: Plan

Developing a solid lead generation marketing strategy is something that most companies struggle with.  

In a recent study, 46% surveyed said that the lack of an effective strategy and the creation of content are the most challenging obstacles to reaching a higher level of website marketing performance. 

This is precisely why we spend time with new and existing clients discussing overall marketing objectives, target audiences, content creation, blog and content set up, design, social media strategy and more.

Step #2: Create (A Pay Off)

Provide your users good quality content. Something useful. Something with a "Pay Off". A Pay Off is delivering something with substance that is effective. If you promise something, then you deliver.  

Because a truly effective marketing plan is one that differentitates you verses your competition, then you need to create unique content that clearly communicates your uniqueness in the marketplace. 

Step #3: Distribute

Okay now that we have something to say now we have to figure out which channels of communication are better suited to speak to our audience. Which social media sites are best, what keywords will speak to our audience (search engine optimization) and link building is the next and sometimes more time consuming step. 

With PowerPro Live, everything is considered and implemented each and every month.

Step #4: Capture

Once you've attracted your target audience to your site with unique, engaging content, the next step is capturing their information so that you can convert them from a visitor to a lead. 

For some, an email subscribe popup window is best, for others a promotional offer, how about a direct link to your Contact Us page. Everything here is about realizing your overall marketing goals and objectives and planning for making contact with your audience.


Step #5: Analyze

Just like anything else, you will need to closely track your key performance indicators to identify areas of strength and ones where improvement is needed. Installing analytics and other web based tools are a necessity to dig in deeper and make necessary website changes. Included in our services is our monthly analytics summary that provides a clear overview of the necessary information specific to your website.

Step #6: Cultivate

Not every lead is ready to buy the first time they subscribe, download or take action on your website.  Instead of thinking of closing the sale on the first point of contact, instead think about building a meaningful relationship. With time, your message will become a consistent point of view that will rise about the clutter.  

Step #7: Convert & Close

Get visitors and soon to be leads interested in a sale now or in the future. Remember it is far more expensive to gain new leads than it is to keep existing ones. Not only should you be asking for the sale, but a straightforward approach is usually remembered and appreciated to manage time efficiently and effectively. 



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