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3 Myths of DIY Websites

Tuesday, November 04, 2014
Published in Websites

Free or do-it-yourself (DIY) websites are more than what meets the eye for small businesses.

DIY websites have become popular, but are they right for you.

Myth#1: They Look Great.

Good design is something learned. Good design takes experience with any medium. Painting, pottery, products or web design, it's about experience and knowing your medium. Add to that coding and you've got a lot of technical know how that needs to be considered. If you feel confident that you can create images, videos, content that is not only interesting, strategically aligned with your brand, attention getting and just as important is correctly coded for Google and the other search sites to correctly optimize than you're on your way to making a successful website.


Myth #2: They are SEO Ready.

SEO or search engine optimization is the backbone of all your endevours on your website. It is about being found. Being found at the top of the search rankings. For this reason, you must consider SEO a priority. Search sites use your code to rank all sites. Knowing how to adapt the code is what most experienced web support teams will do to see an increase in search rank listings.


Myth #3: They Focus on Your Best Interest

You may think that your site is the only focus for the bigger DIY services. Unfortunately, they use code that benefits them and not you. Have a look.

Using these services they benefit with source code being used and you aren't in complete control over your long term search ranking destiny.

For example, source code is what Google looks at. Here is your sample code:

The code being used here only partially points to, it points first to This helps the DIY site and doesn't offer you any long term benefit. This is usually lost on most people. Changing from a DIY service to your own website only makes long term sense.

There is more here, just consider moving sooner than later for long term success. When and if you move on, Google will have to start over to categorize most of your code because of the difference // changes to in the source code. This applies to most of your content but not all.

Most of this conversation is about appearing at the top of search rankings. The best results on Google. It is a lengthy process. 

To be successful, you want to maximize the potential. Your specific situation usually comes down to supporting the strategic initiatives. Many times that means devoting the amount of time to see positive change. That's the purpose of consistent support services, it's really about the time every month to update content, add backlinks, respond to technical issues, and consistently build a brand with meaning.





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