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Website Design: Pinterest

Wednesday, October 09, 2013
Published in Websites

Everyone seems to be pinning. Here's how you can get a website that features Pinterest like boards in a modular layout.

First off, let's make sure we are all thinking about the same thing. Pinterest is a social network that focuses on visual sharing. We see a lot of popularity and interest in this simple yet visually appealing block format. Pinterest is used to collect and organize pictures and links of things and ideas that people like, things they can relate to or want to learn how to do. In general, Pinterest is a way of sparking the visual interest that helps you visualize something new or find out more about the things you like.

Here's a few of the most basic terms to help you understand some of the concepts at Pinterest:

1. Pin 

A pin starts with an image or video you add to Pinterest. You can add a pin from a website using the Pin It bookmarklet or upload an image right from your computer. Any pin on Pinterest can be repinned, and all pins link back to their source.

2. Board

A board is where you organize your pins by topic. You could pin ideas for remodeling your bathroom to your House Projects board, for example. Boards can be secret or public, and you can invite other people to pin with you on any of your boards.

How to Create a website that looks like Pinterest.

Okay, now that we know what it is, how do you create a website that looks like Pinterest or at least a section of your website into a board of pins?

The inner workings of how blocks are rearranged on the page is done with jQuery. JQuery is part of the JavaScript computer behavior language that provides cool effects via your web browser. With a unique subset or plugins of JQuery, blocks are perfectly positioned into a series of columns, and as the screen size changes, the columns re-shuffle to make sure they fit inside the screen.

All of the websites that PowerPro Live offers allow for a plug in architecture that implements the complete code for a Pinterest like section on your website.

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