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7 Must Haves For Your Website

Friday, February 13, 2009
Published in Websites


Having a website is not enough to grow your business. There are additional steps to take to make sure your website is doing its job and reaching its potential. A website can be a very powerful tool and its capabilities are limitless. Here are 7 key elements to ensure your website is performing at its best:

Content — Great content will give your site a better ranking on search engines. You want to have information relevant to your business or market. The more content you have, the easier it is for people to find your site and believe it or not, Google can rate the quality of your content with it's algorithm.

Mobile Access — More and more users continue to access the web with smartphones and tablets. Mobile optimized websites provide a much better user experience which in turn positions your products or services as a contemporary solution.

Blog — A blog is a great communication tool to actively interact with your users. You keep people updated on the latest news, and readers have the opportunity to give feedback. Users get involved with your business.

Video — Videos help give your visitors a better look at your business. Show your audience that there are real people behind the company. This allows users to get to know your company better. People who are familiar with your business are more likely to trust it. Videos also make an otherwise static site dynamic.

Mailing List — Allow users to give you their email addresses, have them subscribe to a newsletter. This way you can keep in contact with visitors and establish trust and credibility with them.

Business Detail — Details about your company (address, phone number, and other contact information) gives you credibility. Let your visitors know that you want them to contact you.

Layout — The layout of your website is crucial in keeping visitors interested. You want your site to be easily navigated. Keep it clean and simple. Make sure users can easily find what they need. Don't give people a reason to leave your site.

Make sure your website incorporates all 7 of these important elements and it will perform at its best. Grow your business with an effective and powerful website.

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