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Top 5 YouTube Video Tips

Sunday, August 16, 2009
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1. Use QuickList to set a video aside for later viewing
Want to view several videos featured on the page, but need to put it off for later viewing? YouTube provides a handy feature to keep you from forgetting interesting videos you want to temporarily set aside. All video thumbnails have a plus (“+”) mark on the lower left side that can be clicked to straightaway send it to your current session’s QuickList. Your QuickList can be found in a panel on the right side of any Video Viewing page. Be warned, however, that this is only temporary, as all Quicklists are “flushed” away when the internet browser is closed.

2. Mark videos as favorites
You can file YouTube videos to Favorites, much like how it’s done in Windows and many other browsers and applications. And unlike QuickLists, Favorites are saved and can be accessed every time you sign in to your YouTube account. In the Video Viewing page where your video is playing, click on Favorite to list it in that category. Every time you navigate to the Favorites page, the video will be listed. This is useful for the selected few that are indeed your favorites, because having too many in the list will make your Favorites page too cumbersome.

3. Organize videos into playlists

Playlists are similar to favorites, where videos are saved for viewing whenever you want. But ordering videos into playlists goes farther as it can be used to organize all your interesting videos, no matter how many you have. Just click on +Playlists located among the options below a playing video, and you can specify under which playlist to file it. You can create any number of playlists but make sure to give it a descriptive name that is easily recognizable, such as “Rockin’ 80’s Music”, or “Joe’s Funniest Videos Collection.”

Your playlists will be displayed on the My Videos page, and clicking one will show all videos under that playlist. All playlists can be set for 2 levels of privacy – “Public”, available for all YouTube users to view, or “Private”, where only you can view it.

I recommend for most things you keep them public so your fans and followers can also discover the cool videos you’re watching. This is useful to them because they may find videos they never would have otherwise. By doing this you build massive value in their minds and they view you as an authority for finding killer content. The more they trust you the better.

4. Share YouTube videos
A useful and clever feature of YouTube that contributed to its widespread popularity is the ability to share videos. You could originally just “share” videos via e-mail, that is, sending the video’s YouTube link to e-mail addresses that you specify. However there are really cool ways to do it now, such as sharing it in social networking sites including Facebook and Myspace where the video is embedded as part of your post. After clicking Share, you will be given options where to share it, such as email, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and other supported sites. Just select your preferred option, enter your login details, then off it goes! You will be given the chance to put in some text or message that goes with the shared video and it is best to do so.

When you have a particular video that you want to share with other people, this may be used as an important tool. Whether it is private videos that you want to share with family and friends, company announcements, or marketing campaigns that you want to launch to the public, using this sharing feature is a valuable tool.

This is one of the most powerful new features of YouTube and gives you the easy ability to syndicate cool videos to your network on social networking sites. Quick and easy so use it.

Definitely put in a headline style text blurb. This should be interesting and tell your friends/followers exactly what the video is about so those interested in it will know it’s worth watching. And those uninterested with thank you for not wasting their time.

5. Upload videos from your private collection
Last, but certainly not the least, where would YouTube be today without its ability to allow anybody to upload videos? The content in YouTube is so rich that any area of interest can be found in it, appealing to any kind of audience in any part of the world.

You can use YouTube to serve as a repository for sharing videos to family, friends, colleagues, customers, organizations, community groups, or to the general public. Whether for personal, entertainment, professional, business, or political purposes, it is turning out to be an indispensable tool for many. The possibilities for its use, along with opportunities, are practically endless.

It’s now the world’s 2nd largest search engine. And because people spend way more time on it than even Google some are calling it the world’s #1 search engine.

Don’t feel bad for Google though because in case you’ve been in deep hibernation you know Google owns YouTube.

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