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Video SEO is still high on the lists of activities for good quality content. Content that Google cares about.


1. Use QuickList to set a video aside for later viewing
Want to view several videos featured on the page, but need to put it off for later viewing? YouTube provides a handy feature to keep you from forgetting interesting videos you want to temporarily set aside. All video thumbnails have a plus (“+”) mark on the lower left side that can be clicked to straightaway send it to your current session’s QuickList. Your QuickList can be found in a panel on the right side of any Video Viewing page. Be warned, however, that this is only temporary, as all Quicklists are “flushed” away when the internet browser is closed.


Our company works with a lot of businesses who want to feature video on their websites. This is an increasing trend, as companies seek to communicate more directly and personally with their potential customers. Online video has almost become par for the course for any mid-size to large company. In our frequent perusal of internet video content, we run across a lot of just plain bad video, but also good video being used in bad ways. The following are some of what we consider the main points to remember when placing video on your company's website:

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