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How To Respond To A Negative Yelp Review

How To Respond To A Negative Yelp Review

Friday, June 30, 2017
Published in Social Media

Take the upper hand and write a well thought out, strategic response to those negative reviews on Yelp or other review sites.

There are many reasons why a customer might provide a negative review. It could be that this person is never pleased or it could also be that your team needs training on how to handle customers that have a legitimate concern. Either way, we all would agree that leaving a negative review without a response is damaging your reputation. Considering you work hard to protect your credibility the sooner you craft a professional response the better. Here's a few points to remember. 

#1. Illustrate To new viewers that you care

A properly worded response will provide anyone reading the review for the first time with a professional, caring response. Allow the response to provide a positive impression that your company cares about its customers. Your intentions should be for their benefit and the original reviewer.

#2. Don't Debate The Facts

The important point is to demonstrate you care. Period. Not to display a "he said, she said" public argument. Remember, potential customers are reading the exchange of information.  

#3. Don't Write With Emotion

It is important to clearly illustrate the facts. This means being straightforward and without emotion. Simple and right to the point. 

#4. Admit When You Are Wrong

"We're Sorry" or "We Feel So Bad" is the easiest way to defuse the situation. If you could have done a better job, own it and get it out there. 

#5. Determine Next Steps

Will you be refining your process, training your employees, offering a private chat with the owner or perhaps a refund? Whatever you feel is appropriate, make it clear what you are prepared to do.

It could be that you tried to help this individual and nothing you could do was going to change the outcome. Either way, a properly worded response will provide viewers with a consistent and professionally worded company statement that clearly communicates trust and reliability when done right.

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