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Social Media - Maybe Yes or Maybe No

Social Media - Maybe Yes or Maybe No

Friday, January 03, 2014
Published in Social Media

For each and every one of our clients it is important to have activity on the most visited Social Media websites like Google, Facebook and Twitter.

The reason is that Google and the other search sites will rank you higher when they find your Social Media accounts that are linked back to your website.

If you have a larger audience that follows your activity, then you will want to provide meaningful dialog that assists in achieving your strategic objectives.

Okay, that brings up the most important of all conversations, the "Strategic Objective."

Here are a few simple steps to help you develop a Strategic Objective Game Plan.

1. Develop a strategic objective
Here you will be listing, documenting and planning your business goals and objectives. This is the "top down" view.

For example, if you are a contractor then your strategic objective might look like this:

Example: Contractor – Residential

Business objective: Help people maintain and develop residential space using latest construction techniques. Lead with education, guidance and information to help them make the right decision.

2. List the strategies


  1. Remodel residential construction projects
  2. Offer maintenance programs for long term home care
  3. Inform customers on tips and techniques

3. Develop tactics


  • Promote online through website
  • Create relationships with local real estate professionals and others of influence
  • Develop a forum, blog
  • Interact via Social Media

4. How to measure

Website Measurement

  1. Develop Forum
    • Recency of visits
    • Frequency of visits
    • Social sharing
  2. Utilize Instagram & Facebook
    • Number of followers
    • Hashtag mentions
    • Referral traffic
    • Set Goals
    • Provide Segments
    • Social sharing

A good way to determine if you are seeing a "Return on Social" is based on a good measurement program. Website measurement can happen through the use of a well planned analytic Key Performance Indicators (KPI). All set up in Google Analytics.

But remember you'll need to be realistic regarding expectations. Expectations on our business objectives and strategies that support those objectives. Analytics can help us measure our relative success or not.

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