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Social Media Done Right

Tuesday, August 30, 2011
Published in Social Media

Social media... two words that we hear nearly every day. Business owners and organizations are asking, what can social media do for me?

Without deeper understanding of social media, we tend to gravitate toward the most straight-forward implementations on our web site.

Case in point, you've probably already joined the bandwagon by launching a Facebook page or Twitter account. Or, maybe you've added shiny social buttons throughout your site. You're social now, right? Not exactly.

The fundamental importance of social media is that it provides you with new ways to reach and engage your audience for the purpose of promoting your products and services. So, to truly leverage the potential of social media, you must look beyond mere 'Tweet This' or 'Like' buttons. Not only do Facebook and Twitter offer more in-depth connections that provide added social integration for your site but this type of integration and analysis should another piece of the overall marketing plan.

Ask yourself:
  • Do you have a marketing plan where social media websites fits in?
  • Do you promote your organization on a consistent basis through these social media websites?
  • Do you offer something meaningful through social media websites other than just news reports?
  • Do you have the time to manage Facebook, Twitter and the rest of your social media websites?
  • Will you analyze the insights generated via your Facebook account and other social media websites?
  • Are you understanding of the options available to you in your Facebook, Twitter and other social media website accounts? 
  • Can you offer a promotion to drive sales or awareness effectively social media websites?

At PowerPro Live we'll be managing your social media websites, how they integrate into your website content, how they drive traffic to your website, assisting with social media website updates, tweets and everything else necessary to promote your business or organization effectively. For more information, use our contact form here.

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