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Google My Business - Posts

Google My Business - Posts

Wednesday, October 10, 2018
Published in SEO & SEM

Poasts are a great feature for Google My Business. Learn how to maximize your Posts. Read more.

Google My Business Recent Updates

  • Longer active Posts than 7 days.
  • Use the Event option to activate.
  • More characters than the previous 300 word maximum.
Google My Business debuted the Posts feature a little over a year ago, but with limitations that posts expire in seven days. The idea behind this was to always have current, up-to-date posts.

There is a way to keep posts up longer. Have a look at how to add and edit Posts. Event posts don't expire after seven days, and not only that, it lets businesses set the date they prefer – which could be up to a year away. Additionally, with an “Event” post, you can select the call-to-action from Google’s predetermined options.

Google has changed some of the requirements for Google My Business posts, business owners and administrators are now allowed 1500 characters versus the original 300-word maximum word count in Posts.
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