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One Minute Tips: Google Analytics - Pages Per Visitor Explained

One Minute Tips: Google Analytics - Pages Per Visitor Explained

Sunday, October 04, 2015
Published in SEO & SEM

Understanding analytic Pages Per Visitor data is important. Find out in one minute or less what this information means and how to use this data when reviewing your analytic reports.

A “Page Per Visitor” is used in Google Analytics and is one of the key metrics that helps to evaluate the quality of your traffic. A Pages Per Visitor report is the average number of pages a visitor views with no more than 30 minutes between page requests.

If you have a high Pages Per Visitor count (over 3 to 4), or average length of visit (over 2–3 minutes), it means that readers come to your website page and are reading your content. 

1. Overview

If you have a high Pages Per Visitor count (over 3 to 4), it means that visitors arrive at your website pages and are reading your content.

2. Assumptions

If your Pages Per Visitor figures are high, they suggest that you have an engaged audience that interacts with the content on your site. More interaction equals more influence to affect their purchasing decisions.

Use the type of content as a further study to determine where on your website users are interacting more or less. For example, a blog or a community forum will recieve more page views than most other types of website sections or content. 


You should care about Pages Per Visitor to assist in your success rate of increasing engagement with your website content. Growing these numbers is evidence that your readers are increasingly satisfied with your content and makes it more likely they’ll recommend your site to others and return in the future.

Each business or organization type will have a different set of users who engage with a unique pattern of behaviour. Be sure to review your marketing objectives and be clearly state your goals for proper assesment.

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