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One Minute Tips: Google Bounce Rates Explained

One Minute Tips: Google Bounce Rates Explained

Tuesday, September 01, 2015
Published in SEO & SEM

Understanding analytic Bounce Rates is a good idea for most but there is a good chance that your bounce rate is currently an inaccurate measure of how engaging your content is.

First, let's confirm what a “Bounce rate” is. A Bounce Rate used in Google Analytics is one of the key metrics that helps to evaluate the quality of your traffic. A Bounce happens when a visitor exited the website right from the same page they entered the website and they haven't navigated to any other pages on your website. This is a good indication on how relevant the content was for the user and how engaged they were with your website. 

1. Big Picture

Bounces are important but by no measure should they be used as a sole indication of quality visitor information.

2. Customize Analytics

For another qualifier that allows you to filter good bounces from bad bounces, try customizing analytics to exclude visitors that spend more than so many seconds on a page and once met they are removed from the bounce count. Contact us for more information.


Yes bounces are important. Think about how bounces can be used for your visitors according to their specific behavior and then if needed customize how the data is being collected and modify your settings for a more accurate representation of your website and online activities.

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