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5 Tips: Beware of Search Engine Optimization Solicitations

5 Tips: Beware of Search Engine Optimization Solicitations

Wednesday, April 01, 2015
Published in SEO & SEM

Recently we've heard from our clients regarding a company that on the surface looks reputable. However, our research has led us to issue a red flag on the company. They "guarantee" first page SEO results for your website. That should be the first warning that all is not what it seems to be. When it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

You know how it works, you get an email from a person or company that says they'll have your company show up on the first page of the major search sites such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. We advise caution. 

#1: Beware of "Guaranteed" Results

Showing up on the first page of Google for organic search results is possible however it is increasingly difficult to do. Why? Google over time has changed the way you view a Google search page at Many years ago the results were not filtered. Today, the results are different depending on your use of Google products (Gmail, Docs, Sheets, etc.) and more importantly your location.

#2: How Suspect Companies Work

Search Engine Optimization is not easy to understand. There are many factors that result in positive and negative search rankings. These unscrupulous companies prey on business owners and use terminology deliberately made to to confuse. Here's a sample of terms from a website we found to be scam: 

  • Lowest cost per conversion
  • Most Adwords Revenue
  • Highest Conversions 
  • Search site submittal

These terms are used deliberatly and meant to confuse users who don't understand completely.

"Search site submittal" for example, websites are automatially indexed by the major search sites and all content is cataloged in their database. This information is what is used to provide search results. No submittals to these sites are necessary.

#3: Search Results are Filtered

Google feels that a filtered result is in your best interest. Today, when you request a search regarding local services, you only have to type in the keywords and the results are automatically local. This is important. Google feels that if you as a business want to increase your reach or that you can be found outside of your local area, then they want you to advertise on AdWords. Why? Becuase this is how Google earns revenue.

#4: Your Local Information is Already Available Online

These SEO companies use local information such as a zip code or a city along with two or three keywords to "show" you the results of what they say they are doing for you. The facts are that this is information is already online and available for users who are searching for your products and services. 

#5: Search Site Business Model

Search sites are big business. We are talking billions of dollars per year in revenue. Filtered results are one more way of encouraging business owners to advertise on AdWords or other platforms. Considering that today search listings are mostly local, advertising can extend the areas that your business is shown on these sites.


Organic, non-paid business listings on the first page is possible with dedicated SEO methods. PowerPro Live services are focused on this goal. Our on-site and off-site services are made for prominent search rankings on major search sites.

Many of these companies are listed in forums or other sites that provide conslusive evidence that they are scams. Don't be fooled, do the research or ask us and we would be glad to help you determine if these companies are reputable or not. 

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