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Backlinks: How to Improve Your Google Search Rankings - Infographic

Wednesday, October 31, 2012
Published in SEO & SEM

Search engine optimization can take many forms. One element is to provide back links to your website. Infographic inside.

Backlinks can be a time consuming task but with continued focus, can make a big difference in your search rankings in Google, Bing, Yahoo and others.

Backlinks or inbound links are links that are incoming to a webpage or to the whole website. These incoming links are very essential to the rankings of search engines because a lot of search engines do have their own algorithms responsible in measuring the backlinks that a webpage or website has. Once they are measured, the algorithms will rank the webpages or websites that contains more backlinks higher.

Have a look at this infographic.


The more the backlinks, the more famous the website is. A lot of webpages that are concerned with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) have systems to know the number of backlinks the website or webpage has. Aside from knowing the exact number of backlinks, the company will also know the location of these backlinks and if these backlinks came from source which are related or not.

Through the use of various search engines like Yahoo or Google or even MSN LiveSearch or SiteExplorer, knowing the number of these backlinks a webpage or website are narrowed down. This way of knowing backlinks is an easy and simple way for webpages or websites in finding whether other sites find the details or information pertinent or not to the selected keywords. You can also use this to re-evaluate texts on the webpage and any details that can be altered to bring some positive results. Using search engines in determining the number of backlinks a website or webpage has can actually help in knowing the backlinks in a particular site or webpage.

Many algorithms of search engines utilize backlinks to know the rank of the webpage. Webpages that have more backlinks compared to the others whose contents are similar will be ranked higher. This is because of their popularity with visitors as well as other websites. But this has led to many websites to paid backlinks that boost the free backlink numbers of these sites. Only those genuine backlinks assist the rank of webpages on a lot of search engines. Paid linking has caused a lot of websites to lose the page rankings that they already have and allowed those websites whose backlinks to be genuine to increase in rankings in Google or Yahoo. Many webpages or websites utilize different free backlinks in order to create the linking mutually beneficial goal and build the backlinks in your site. The use of backlinks is an amazing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technique though, but those free backlinks should be genuine and aren’t just attempts to fool algorithms of search engines.


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