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Google Thinks Content is a Winner

Wednesday, December 14, 2011
Published in SEO & SEM

Companies that aren't focused on quality content move to the bottom of the heap.

So when the world's most popular search engine recently announced an update to its search algorithm, many of those businesses that use low-quality content or highly dense keyword populated websites to drive search engine traffic found themselves at the bottom of the heap.

Here is Google's information from their blog page:

For those of you that are just learning about Search Engine Optimization, this is all big news. Very big news.

Check this out from Entrepreneur Magazine's website: Recent changes instituted by Google have prompted complaints from the owners of web sites that were downgraded in the process, including charges that Google has the capability of manipulating the rankings.

Speaking at Search Marketing Expo – West in San Jose, Calif., over the weekend, Matt Cutts, who is Google's principal engineer in the company's Search Quality Group, says such is not the case. "There are many, many algorithms -- maybe the majority of the algorithms -- that don't have any exception logs," he said, adding that Panda has no way of making exceptions manually.

"You try and do as much as you can algorithmically," Cutts told conference-goers. But he did note that problem sites need to be stopped. "It's the same thing as spam," he says, adding: You try to automatically detect it. But the stuff you can't catch must be removed manually because that's abuse, says Cutts.

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