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PPL Points Of Differentiation

Sunday, March 08, 2009
Published in Branding

A while back we, our company decided that we wouldn’t be offering pieces of the web development puzzle on their own. Our services provide a one-stop solution.

The CMS sites we offer are web powerhouses that up until a few years ago were cost prohibitive for most companies. Companies and organizations of all sizes don’t have the resources to keep qualified employees on staff to achieve their goals via their websites. Also, with administrators that leave the company, information regarding Domain registration renewal, back-end services, etc., goes out the door and there needs to be a consistent point-of-contact. Let’s not forget SEO or SEM capabilities and how to grow sales or effectiveness, which takes a methodical, long-term plan of action. Consistency every step of the way. That’s what we’re offering.

Our fees for support have been updated recently and that may have been where we had some misunderstandings. We revised our support plans and are now offering a new 3 hour/month and 6 hour/month plan that is much more cost effective.

Regarding the cost for design services, our sites take a tremendous amount of time and even at $7,000 dollars there is no net profit. Not only is there a unique graphic look and feel and copywriting essentials but we add custom CSS to manage module, article and other layout essentials. Time consuming. Our support services are in place to assist in the next phase of revenue generation and helps to offset our losses.

I hope that helps to understand our points of differentiation. If you need any additional information or please contact us.

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