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Good Decision Making - All About Risk

Good Decision Making - All About Risk

Wednesday, August 09, 2017
Published in Branding

Good decision making considers risk in the customer sale journey. Find out why sales leads stop along the decision making process and what can be done to make the most out of your sales process.

Risk Management And The Sales Process

At some point each and every potential customer will ask themselves do they feel comfortable moving forward using a new service or product. Now this can happen subconsciously or as a matter of a planned process. Quite often the potential lead will never make it past the website home page or handshake if the things they see and feel don't make them comfortable. For a website, it might be an outdated design or layout. A grammatical error. For an in-person meeting it might be the uniform of the sales person. Torn or soiled pants. Scoffed shoes. These visual cues are part of a what we do to assess the situation. Our internal vibe meter is always present. It's always assessing what makes us comfortable and what makes us uneasy. Risk assessment is all about the process that allows us to keep moving forward and everything we do in business should enable our audience to move forward without reservation. In the most general sense that is what marketing is all about. Understanding our audience and what they care about is what should be important to us. 

Strategic communications platform that are planned allow for a check and balance where everything is measured by the prospect and what is important to them. He or she compares what they see with the what they think they will receive as an end product. For example, an outdated website may mean that the service they'll receive is outdated. It could mean that the values placed on the priority of what is received is lower than what they are comfortable with. For that reason, every single item that a sales prospect should see should be of the highest quality and embody an essence of what that company (brand) represents. At PowerPro Live, understanding the sales process and how to reduce risk is all part of a planned communications strategy that is inherent in our process. 

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