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Understanding Branding - Introduction

Tuesday, October 14, 2014
Published in Branding

Learn about creating a Master Strategy for your brand and acheive specific goals and objectives.

Every business activity should be part of a coordinated effort and that effort should be focused around a plan, a brand plan.

Step #1: Master Strategy Definition

For every company or organization, there needs to be a defined reason, something that sets you apart from your competition, something that differentiates you versus your competitioin. We'll call this a "Master Strategy".



  • Take notes on what you do well and what you do poorly. Be honest.
  • Research: Engage others to also rate you on the things you are best at and those things you do poorly. Ask them to be honest and if neccessary create a system that they can answer anonymously. You can create a survey online that allows for statistical data to be compiled from many web survey companies. Here is one, SurveyMonkey.
  • Visit your competitors website, look at their newsletters, research what's going on in the marketplace.
  • Ask yourself how you want to be perceived in the marketplace. More on this later.

Step #2: Define Business Goals & Marketing Objectives

The first thing we'll do is write down what we want to accomplish for our long term business goals.

Do we want to be know as the best "Shoe Repair Shop" in our local area. Or how about "Increaseing Revenue"? What about organizations that want to "Make A Difference In Youth Studies" on a global basis?

Once you've been able to articulate a clear vision of your business goals you are on your way to create marketing objectives that further detail what your trying to accomplish.



  • Business Goals: Write down your "Big Picture" vision for what you want to accomplish.
  • Marketing Objectives: For each Goal, you'll break them down into specific marketing objectives. For example, If "Increasing Revenue" is the goal, then perhaps "Introducing New Products" is the marketing objective. How about "Adding More Customers"? "Increasing the Register Ring".
  • Make sure to revisit the Master Strategy. Here is where your brand messaging starts to take shape since ultimately your users will form an opinion on your product or service. Keep in mind the positive attributes that will allow you to be perceived in a certain way.

Step #3: Develop Business Building Activities

Here is where we list the activities that our audience will come in contact with. Perhaps it's a website. Maybe an email campaign. A brochure.

Once you've been able to articulate a clear vision of your goals you are on your way to create activities that help realize those goals.


Step #4: Activation

It's time to go live with your marketing activities


Step #5: Measure and Evaluate

Once your programs have been active, make sure that you have a measurement program that can analyze your successes and failures.


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